Sunday, March 31, 2013

Woman Why Are You Weeping?

     "Woman, why are you weeping?" John 20:13, 15.
     These words have been resonating in my mind all Easter weekend.
     A study of the original language in this passage reveals that Mary Magdalene was not just weeping - she was sobbing. She was grief-stricken and heart broken and distraught. So much so, that when she turned around and saw Jesus standing there, and He asked her the same question the angels had asked, "Woman, why are you weeping?" she did not even recognize Him.
     Until He spoke her name...
     When she heard His voice speak her name in this personal and intimate way, she recognized the presence of her beloved Lord. In that moment, everything changed.
     The question that is burning in my heart for you, dear reader, is "Why are you weeping?"
     What circumstances, what experiences, what absence, what emptiness, what pain has left you grief-stricken and heart-broken, your heart sobbing in agony, "Where is He? I don't know where He is!"
     Oh He has been there all along, dear ones, but in your stricken and distraught state, you have not recognized His near presence in your circumstances.
     To each one of you whose heart is right now broken and crying out in pain and sorrow, my prayer for you, is this: I pray in the name of the One who loves you with a deep and inexhaustible love, that today, even as you read this, you will hear your Lord speaking your name as personally and intimately as He called Mary's that day. And as you hear His voice speak your name, may your eyes be opened to recognize the presence of Him whose love never fails, never wearies, never falls short - and holds you all the days of your life.
     Insert your name into this story, as these words echo in your own desperate heart: "_________ why are you weeping?"
     Pour out your heart to Him - all your deepest fears and sorrows. And then turn and hear as He speaks your name: "_________"
     He is the One poured out in love and resurrected in power to redeem all that you surrender at His nail-scarred feet.

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